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Weekly Round-Up: Week 27, 2017

Here’s your weekly bizarre-ness Oklahoma!

Over The Weekend

Religious Reversal: East Central University reversed a plan to remove crosses and bibles from a campus chapel almost as soon as it was enacted after complaints. The school says they will leave it up to a committee whether or not the church can display religious symbols and texts.


Flimsy Conspiracy: A Ponca City woman is charged with a Federal crime after using Craigslist to find a hitman willing to murder her husband who lives in Israel. She advertised the job as a “10 day overseas gig” complete with a PowerPoint presentation of how the hit should be carried out.


Bad Teacher: A former Salpulpa teacher accepted a plea deal after her spring arrest for stealing school property to buy drugs and even using school computers to aid in purchasing and selling heroin.

Not-So-Great Escape: Police in Lawton are on the search for an inmate who simply walked out of the city jail after cleaning up trash in the police station.


Battle Of The Nerds: An OKC man was booked on assault charges after he reportedly beat up a man during an argument over whether or not Star Wars or Star Trek is better.

Dumb Deputy: A McClain County sheriff’s deputy is now jobless after getting busted in Grady County for speeding 128 MPH in a 65 MPH zone. The deputy also apparently had open liquor containers in the vehicle and had been racing up and down the street with another vehicle.

Deranged: Kevin Ray Underwood

In my ever-growing group of strange categories, I decided to add another new series to the list. Besides stories of unsolved homicides, missing persons, and bizarre haunts around the state, I am also interested in truly deranged crime. It’s fascinating in such a macabre, often tragic way.

Be forewarned: Many of the cases presented in this tag are truly heinous. They will often involve the worst kinds of people doing the worst kinds of things.

And now to kick off this insight into lost minds: The Story of Kevin Ray Underwood, Aspiring Cannibal.

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Missing: Frankie “Bonnie” Duvall

It’s easy for the public to ignore the cases of missing adults. The stories of children and the elderly often receive more press, because they are perceived as more vulnerable. For the families of missing adults, this drought of sympathy can turn an already nightmarish ordeal even more agonizing.

The family and friends of Bonnie Duvall have had to fight to keep her story alive for over 30 years.

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Weekly Round Up: Week 26, 2017

It was an interesting week for weird attempted murder and vehicle-related crime. Here’s the weekly re-cap of all things strange in Oklahoma:

Over The Weekend

A Mayes County man was arrested after attacking his girlfriend with a hatchet while she was driving. Another man, who was a passenger in the vehicle, also sustained injuries when he tried to assist the woman. Both are expected to recover.

The banana-wielding flasher from Tulsa (who got a mention in last week’s round-up) turned himself in only to bond himself out of jail. Authorities still aren’t sure about the significance of the banana.

A man in Prague was arrested after attempting to run over an animal rescue worker after the rescue refused to take two animals. He reportedly drove a mile down the road with the woman on top of his vehicle. She sustained several broken bones but is expected to recover.


Authorities in Loco are attempting to find new evidence in a 31 year-old missing person’s case. The Stephens County Sheriff’s Dept. is using ground penetrating radar for the second time to search the former property of Frankie “Bonnie” Duvall, who went missing in 1986.


A Del City family set up their own sting operation to lure a 33 year-old man who allegedly tried to set up a sexual encounter with a 15 year-old family member. When the man showed up the adults reportedly tackled him and zip-tied him until police could arrive.

A Tulsa man learned a lesson about parking after he left his truck in drive only to have his pet dog accidentally step on the gas and ram into a local grocery store. Nobody was hurt.

A man in Del City was arrested after officers discovered an improvised explosive device inside his vehicle during a traffic stop. The man claimed it was an alarm clock he was inventing.

What weirdness happened in your area this week? Tell me in the comments!