Weekly Round-Up: Week 25, 2017

Even our breakfast food isn’t safe anymore. That and more this week in weirdness:

Over The Weekend

A Garvin County oil worker discovered human remains in a truck parked outside an oil site. The man’s body appeared to be recently deceased and had signs of trauma, indicating he was the victim of a homicide.


A banana-wielding flasher has been terrorizing Whiteside Park in Tulsa. A local woman said he approached her holding a banana then proceeded to flash her before moving on to others in the park. Police are reportedly “trying to figure out the significance of the banana”.

The BBB issued an alert about fake restaurant menus being left on doorsteps enticing people to order delivery. It’s a scam to get people to hand over their credit card information over the phone.


KOCO reported on the use of CBD oil, derived from cannabis, to help pets with health or anxiety problems. Supporters say treatment with CBD has many of the same benefits it shows in humans, from treating cancer to pets who are terrified of storms.


Tulsa police had a chuckle at the expense of two car thieves when they recovered a badly repainted SUV they’d taken from a Tulsa gas station. The two tried to paint the red vehicle black, resulting in a patchy appearance that actually prompted an officer to run a plate check, which lead to the arrest.

What weirdness happened in your neighborhood this week?


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