Weekly Round Up: Week 26, 2017

It was an interesting week for weird attempted murder and vehicle-related crime. Here’s the weekly re-cap of all things strange in Oklahoma:

Over The Weekend

A Mayes County man was arrested after attacking his girlfriend with a hatchet while she was driving. Another man, who was a passenger in the vehicle, also sustained injuries when he tried to assist the woman. Both are expected to recover.

The banana-wielding flasher from Tulsa (who got a mention in last week’s round-up) turned himself in only to bond himself out of jail. Authorities still aren’t sure about the significance of the banana.

A man in Prague was arrested after attempting to run over an animal rescue worker after the rescue refused to take two animals. He reportedly drove a mile down the road with the woman on top of his vehicle. She sustained several broken bones but is expected to recover.


Authorities in Loco are attempting to find new evidence in a 31 year-old missing person’s case. The Stephens County Sheriff’s Dept. is using ground penetrating radar for the second time to search the former property of Frankie “Bonnie” Duvall, who went missing in 1986.


A Del City family set up their own sting operation to lure a 33 year-old man who allegedly tried to set up a sexual encounter with a 15 year-old family member. When the man showed up the adults reportedly tackled him and zip-tied him until police could arrive.

A Tulsa man learned a lesson about parking after he left his truck in drive only to have his pet dog accidentally step on the gas and ram into a local grocery store. Nobody was hurt.

A man in Del City was arrested after officers discovered an improvised explosive device inside his vehicle during a traffic stop. The man claimed it was an alarm clock he was inventing.

What weirdness happened in your area this week? Tell me in the comments!


Encounters: The OK Bigfoot

After spending so much time researching the darker side of humanity, it’s a little refreshing to take a look at the cryptozoological/other-worldly mysteries around our state. Much like my “Mysterious Places” posts, I’m not here to say whether or not I actually believe these stories. I simply find them interesting, so I figure my fellow mystery enthusiasts would enjoy them too!

(As a side note, I would like to thank everyone for being so kind and supportive of me and this blog. The reception I’ve received in such a short time is truly amazing and encouraging!)

Now, without further delay, I present the mystery of the Oklahoma Bigfoot.

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Missing: Pshara “Shara” Marie Jones

Everyone has disagreements now and again. Typically the people we fight with the most are those we care about. Sometimes we need to walk away and cool off, returning once volatile energies have dissipated.

This was a common occurrence in one Claremore household. Pshara and her mother, Mary Vo, had their squabbles – which often ended with the young woman leaving home for a few hours. No matter what happened, though, “Shara” always at least called home soon after.

And then came the day she totally disappeared.

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Unsolved: The Lawton Serial Killer

Lawton has a long, sometimes troubled history, as many places in Oklahoma do. It became the site of wars and skirmishes during its territorial days; confrontations with native peoples that still leave scars that stretch into the present. Today the city boasts about its connection to arts and humanities, recreational hot spots, and of course its convenient accommodations for those visiting nearby Fort Sill.

Of course, as any city grows it’s sure to attract the seedier side of business too. In the late 90s and early 00s crime had become an unfortunate norm. Drugs, prostitution, and murder were plentiful; all the unfortunate hallmarks of a growing metropolis.

It was the perfect place for an entrepreneurial serial killer to set up shop.

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Weekly Round-Up: Week 25, 2017

Even our breakfast food isn’t safe anymore. That and more this week in weirdness:

Over The Weekend

A Garvin County oil worker discovered human remains in a truck parked outside an oil site. The man’s body appeared to be recently deceased and had signs of trauma, indicating he was the victim of a homicide.


A banana-wielding flasher has been terrorizing Whiteside Park in Tulsa. A local woman said he approached her holding a banana then proceeded to flash her before moving on to others in the park. Police are reportedly “trying to figure out the significance of the banana”.

The BBB issued an alert about fake restaurant menus being left on doorsteps enticing people to order delivery. It’s a scam to get people to hand over their credit card information over the phone.


KOCO reported on the use of CBD oil, derived from cannabis, to help pets with health or anxiety problems. Supporters say treatment with CBD has many of the same benefits it shows in humans, from treating cancer to pets who are terrified of storms.


Tulsa police had a chuckle at the expense of two car thieves when they recovered a badly repainted SUV they’d taken from a Tulsa gas station. The two tried to paint the red vehicle black, resulting in a patchy appearance that actually prompted an officer to run a plate check, which lead to the arrest.

What weirdness happened in your neighborhood this week?

Unsolved: The Death of Sheila Deviney

Home is where we feel safe, or at least that’s how it should be. No matter what we do in the outside world, what others think of us, when we’re at home we can relax and let the stress of the day slide away. But home is often where we are most vulnerable. For Maysville resident Sheila Deviney this became abundantly, tragically, clear.

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